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Beef & Broccoli: our new cooking recipe

Introducing Beef & Broccoli: a recipe that can be served raw or cooked! Developed to aid dogs with a specific condition, this recipe also allows for a unique and interesting variation to your pet’s meals and helps to easily integrate fresh food into a dry diet. Want to try this new recipe? In this article, we’ll answer all your questions and demonstrate how easy it is to cook it.

What are the advantages of the Beef & Broccoli recipe?

It’s important to us that all dogs enjoy the benefits of high-quality food. In order to meet the needs and requirements of all dogs, we developed the Beef & Broccoli recipe. It’s suitable for all pups, but especially these:

  • Dogs transitioning to raw food.⁠
  • Dogs with an immune system that doesn’t allow them to ingest raw food.
  • Dogs recovering from surgery or illness. ⁠
  • Dogs who are picky eaters. ⁠

For pet parents, this recipe will help familiarize you with raw food.

What is the difference between Faim Museau’s cooked and raw recipes?

The Beef & Broccoli recipe contains a calcium supplement (calcium carbonate) that replaces the ground bones found in our raw recipes. Since bones cannot be cooked, this supplement allows your pet to maximize their calcium intake.

Why can this recipe be cooked but not others?

The Beef & Broccoli recipe does not contain any crushed bones, making the medallions safe to cook. Note that these medallions can also be offered raw.

Other Faim Museau recipes contain finely ground bones, which, once cooked, can become very brittle and dangerous for your animal. For this reason we advise against cooking them.

Is this recipe recommended for transitioning to natural food?

Certainly! The Beef & Broccoli recipe facilitates the transition to natural food, especially in dogs who have a tendency to be picky eaters.

Do nutrients get lost in the cooking process?

When food is cooked, there is a slight loss of nutrients. When subjected to heat, protein changes shape. It’s called denaturation. The more it’s affected by heat, the more it denatures. This change means that the animal’s body no longer recognizes it, and therefore cannot assimilate it properly.

Cooked proteins become less digestible. Because of this, we favour natural raw food, which is much easier for your dog to digest. This is also why we do not recommend fully cooking the Beef & Broccoli medallion.

However, we also want to meet the needs of dogs with specific requirements. Thanks to this recipe, they can eat natural food with whole, quality ingredients. Like our own meals, our healthy dishes remain good whether or not they’re cooked.

Can I cook the medallion with oil?

It’s not necessary to add oil for cooking, but if you prefer to use oil, we recommend coconut oil.

Can I use a microwave to cook this recipe?

Microwaves offer very uneven cooking and we do not recommend it for cooking Beef & Broccoli medallions.

Is this recipe suitable for cats?

No, because it contains broccoli. Fruits and vegetables have a high carbohydrate content and since cats are strict carnivores, they do not have the ability to digest them well.

Dogs have a more adapted digestive system, which allows them to enjoy the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables in moderate amounts.

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How to cook the Beef & Broccoli recipe

Our Beef & Broccoli medallions are extremely easy to cook! See for yourself.

  1. Thaw the medallion(s) in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Pro-tip: thaw the medallions the day prior so they’re perfectly thawed for cooking the next day.
  2. In a skillet over medium heat, sauté the medallions for approximately 2 minutes per side or until golden brown. It’s important not to fully cook the medallions, but rather to warm them slightly on both sides.
  3. Leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Nutritious and delicious, the Beef & Broccoli recipe is made with fresh, local ingredients. Medallions are pre-portioned and ready to serve, making mealtime incredibly simple. Just thaw, cook, and serve. You can also serve the medallions raw to your dog.

This recipe is available at your favourite local pet store and on our online store. If you don’t see it in store, don’t hesitate to ask your retailer to place an order for your pup!

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