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Your pet deserves
to eat well, too!

Raw food for dogs and cats delivered to your home


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Complete, balanced and ready-to-serve meals

Pick your pet’s favourite recipe.

Thaw their portion in the fridge overnight.

Serve and watch your pet devour their meal!

Benefits that have a direct impact on your dog’s life… and yours!

Dogs are carnivorous by nature. Which is why a diet based on raw meats, offal, and bones, plus 5-15% plants, is the most appropriate food for your pet’s biology, and reflects what they would eat in their natural habitat.

At Faim Museau, we have formulated recipes to provide your dog with a natural, healthy, and non-processed diet that respects their nutritional needs.

  • Optimumal nutrient absorption
  • White teeth and fresh breath
  • Reduction and elimination of skin conditions and ear infections
  • Improved digestive process
  • Increased energy and appetite
  • Smoother, shinier coat and less shedding
  • Healthy muscles
  • Reduction of the volume and scent of stools


A specific food plan
for your pet

Take two minutes to talk to us about your canine or feline companion and we’ll be happy to propose recipes just right for your pet’s specific needs.

Create A plan

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Recipes that are complete and perfectly balanced for your pet’s every life stage. They’re made of fresh, local ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Nothing fake, nothing extra. That’s the raw truth!

Easy for you, delicious for them!

  • Pre-portioned so you don’t have to weigh or measure.
  • Made of ingredients from local producers.
  • Complete and balanced for all the stages or your dog’s and cat’s life.
  • Made with antibiotics-free and hormone-free fresh meat.
  • Free of preservatives, artificial flavours, and colours.

About Faim Museau

“I tested this on my dogs and when I saw the incredible results in their health, I felt the urgency to share my findings. I developed a few recipes at home and had my friends and my canine behaviour clients test them out. The results were positive for their dogs as well!

Not only were the dogs enjoying their new food, their health had never been better. To me the evidence clearly showed that dogs need food tailored to their bilogy and this is the simplest solution to many health problems.”

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Healthy pet, happy human!

Ready to see the difference in your pet?