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Natural raw food:
the appropriate option
for dog’s and cat’s biology

Our dogs and cats are carnivores by nature. That’s why fresh meat is the most appropriate food for their biology. A diet made up primarily of raw meat, bones, and offal reflects exactly what they’d be eating in their natural habitat.

Their natural instinct is to gravitate towards food that’s natural and totally unmodified. That’s why your pet will eat their Faim Museau medallions with a healthy appetite and plenty of enthusiasm. In addition to offering your animal food they’ll love, you’ll notice many physical changes that will benefit their health and vitality.

Faim Museau is essentially the modern version of the food your animal would have been eating once upon a time! We take into account the evolution and physiology of your animal to offer them a natural diet that respects both their animal instinct and their nutritional needs, for a satisfied companion (and pet parent!).

  • Maximum absorption of nutrients by way of food
  • White teeth and fresh breath
  • Improvement or total elimination of certain skin problems and otitis
  • Better immune system
  • Quick-acting digestive system
  • Healthy weight
  • Increased appetite and more pleasure from eating
  • Soft and shiny coat, with less hair loss
  • Healthy muscle mass
  • Smaller, less odorous stools
Health benefits for your dog'


Healthy skin, silky coat, and better hair loss management thanks to a diet that’s rich in essential fatty acids.


Smaller, firmer stools with less odour due to improved and more complete absorption of nutrients.


An efficient immune system due to the fatty acids and nutrients found in our recipes. Your dog will have a better resistance to viruses, bacteria, and parasites.


A better, faster digestion because of the natural enzymes found in raw food.


Healthier teeth and gums. You’ll notice fresher breath and whiter teeth.


Healthier weight and muscle density on your companion because of the high levels of protein in our recipes. This’ll also help your dog feel fuller.

Ultimately, it’s better for your dog’s health and it’s more pleasurable to eat!

Our prepping process

  1. Grinding and mixing of fresh and human-grade ingredients.
  2. Molding the recipe into medallions to facilitate your handling at home.
  3. Careful inspection of each medallion before packing them.

Check out our production factory

The environmental impact of meat consumption

We’re concerned about the negative impact that meat production can have on the environment. That’s why we use animal parts that are graded for human consumption, but less appreciated by humans (bones, organs, pieces of meat that are harder to cook) in order to create our recipes.

First, because these parts contain a lot of nutrients that dogs need in their diet. Since they are carnivores, dogs must consume a variety of fats and amino acids that are found especially in organ meats.

In addition, using parts that are considered “less noble” allows us to fully honour the animal. Thus, our products don’t increase the environmental impact of meat production. On the contrary, we value perfect quality animal resources that would otherwise have been sent to landfills.

Honest answers to your questions

Is a natural diet safe?

Yes. For dogs, the digestive tract is very short, leaving little time for bacteria to reproduce. In addition, their stomach is extremely acidic. These two traits combined make your companion much more resistant to bacteria than humans. Natural food is in itself alive. It contains a healthy level of bacteria. With Faim Museau, you can rest assured that our ingredients are safe and our facilities follow top-notch sanitation procedures that meet HACCP standards.

What makes unprocessed foods better?

Whether it’s dog, feline, or human food, cooking food alters its chemical and molecular compositions. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids are either destroyed or greatly altered during cooking. The oils and fats found in most industrial kibble recipes have been heated to high temperatures. This process makes lipids rancid and damaging to the health of our companions. What’s more, whether it’s plant-based food or food from other animals, when raw they have their own enzymes, which allows them to partially digest themselves on their own, once in the animal’s system. The pancreas is therefore much less stressed than when ingesting cooked food.

What are your sanitation tips when handling raw/natural food?

Just like when you prepare your meals at home, we recommend washing utensils, cutting boards, and bowls with hot soapy water after they’ve been in contact with raw food. We also recommend washing your hands after handling your pet’s food.

Should I add supplements to your recipes?

No, our medallions are complete, balanced and balanced for each stage of your dog’s life. They meet 100% of their nutritional needs.

Still got questions? We’ve got answers!


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