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How can you help your pup lose weight?

A few extra pounds can be seriously detrimental to your dog’s health and lifespan. But don’t fret—we have tips to help you manage their weight!

Replace a meal with a raw bone

Once a week, give your dog a recreational raw bone instead of dinner. This’ll lower his or her calorie intake all while strengthening the neck and jaw muscles.

Add veggies to your dog’s meals

Broccoli, green beans, apples, and raspberries are low-calorie items with a ton of fibre, which help your dog feel full and satisfied.

Incorporate activities into your dog’s everyday routine

Your dog should be active for at least one hour each day to burn fat and build muscles. This can be any activity: canicross, obstacle course, dog park visits, hiking… Get creative!

Reduce the frequency of treats

Treats that are healthy and low in calories can be a great offering. Simply adjust your dog’s meal portions to avoid overfeeding him or her.

Consider a natural diet

A diet that’s rich in fresh meat will allow your dog to build and maintain muscle mass, burn fat, gain energy, and remain full longer.

Our best recipes for weight maintenance

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