Wild Sardines

Wild Sardines

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A superb source of omega-3, sardines are chock-full of essential fatty acids and fulfill your pet’s every vitamin D needs.

Plus, since sardines are tiny little fish at the very start of the food chain, they hold little to no mercury or other pollutants.

They make for a silky coat, reduce the risk of arthritis, improve dental health, and strengthen the immune system. They’re literally the perfect addition to a raw and natural diet!

Format: 1 lb

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Whole wild sardines

Handling Guide

It’s important to always keep wild sardines in the freezer. Don’t forget to take them out a few minutes before offering them to your dog. Avoid contact with carpets or any surface that isn’t stain-proof.

Cut the sardines into small pieces if you have a small dog or cat. It’s recommended to incorporate sardines gradually into your pet’s diet. Start by offering a small piece and if all goes well, increase the quantity.

10 $