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The secret to a beautiful and healthy coat!

We told you in a previous post why natural food has a positive impact on your companion’s stools. In fact, this is something that our founder, Sarah, noticed in her dogs when she made the transition to raw food—but that was far from being the only change she noticed!

After two or three weeks, she was collecting way less hair in her house. Plus, her dogs’ fur had become brilliant and bright. Her dogs seemed more youthful, and petting them was even more pleasurable than before.

It’s important to note that low-protein foods are often to blame for hair loss, whereas a fresh, balanced, and protein-rich diet is the key to a healthy, shiny coat.

The proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids found in our recipes are included with the wellbeing of skin cells in mind. Your dog’s diet plays a monumental role in the health of their coat. Hair loss and dull fur are often the result of a diet that’s not well suited for your pet’s system.

A healthy coat often points to a healthy dog. It’s comforting to know that a simple diet change can improve your dog’s wellbeing as well as your own.