About Faim Museau

In essence, our mission is to provide dogs and cats with a healthy diet through the use of wholesome food that is fresh and biologically adapted specifically for them. Their health and well-being is our main concern which is why we created recipes made from unprocessed ingredients that are all fit for human consumption.

Faim Museau products are free from preservatives, dyes and artificial flavours. Our food is the most complete and balanced you can give your companion.

At Faim Museau, we believe that a natural raw food meat based diet is the best option for our canine and feline friends. Made in Quebec, our products are fresh, nutritious and adapted to the carnivorous digestive system of dogs and cats.

Offer a high quality product made from frozen raw meat

Respect the carnivorous nature of dogs and cats by offering wholesome food made from raw meat

Improve the health of our pets by providing them with a nutritious diet adapted to their individual needs

Innovate in the field of pet nutrition

Graded for human consumption

To ensure the optimal quality, Faim Museau respects the acts and regulations for safe food production for humans. From supply sources to retail shelves, Faim Museau adheres to the same quality requirements as those in place for meals destined for human consumption.

At Faim Museau, we make a variety of complete meals made from raw meat, bones, offal, fruits, vegetables, oils and minerals that are essential to the growth of our animals as well as ensuring they remain healthy.

Faim Museau’s recipes were developed in collaboration with veterinarians specialized in natural diets, naturopathy, homeopathy and canine behavior.

Certified by the MAPAQ

The Ministère Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) is the government organization legislating the production, processing, distribution, marketing and consumption of products from agricultural and farming sources.

You would like to offer Faim Museau products to your customers?

If you are an owner of a pet store, pet grooming service or natural food store, we’d welcome the opportunity to distribute our products through your business.