Your pets deserve to be healthy, just like you.

Faim Museau natural pet food is the best raw food you can feed your pet.

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What are the benefits of raw food?

Choosing raw food is choosing to have a healthy pet.

  • Healthy Joints

    Raw food allows for the proper development of joints and muscle tissues during your puppy’s growth. Dogs and cats benefit from gradual growth at a proper pace. For older animals, maintaining healthy joints and muscle mass is important. Faim Museau natural raw food helps prevent joint problems while offering your companion increased mobility ensuring it is more comfortable when getting around. Your animal will benefit from a better quality of life meaning you can therefore enjoy their company for a longer period of time.

  • Food intolerances and allergies

    Natural food is easily identified by the dog or cat’s organism because all nutrients come from unprocessed foods. By providing a diet designed specifically for each breed, intolerances and allergies are practically non-existent or when present, easily identifiable and manageable. Moreover, a number of dogs and cats saw their symptoms of intolerances and allergies disappear completely after a change to Faim Museau natural food.

  • Ideal Weight

    By combining a well-balanced diet with physical activity and a healthy and stimulating living environment for your pet, you can help maintain your pet’s ideal weight thereby reducing the risk of obesity related illnesses.

  • Digestion

    In the wild, food is intended to be digested by the enzymes it contains. Since processed food found on shelves is deprived of enzymes, the pancreas must work harder in an effort to help digest the food. Subjecting the pancreas to a steady diet of processed food for a lengthy period of time can cause it to malfunction. While a processed diet can take up to 12 hours to digest, an appropriate natural diet is digested more rapidly (4 hours). In addition, a natural diet is almost entirely digested by the organism resulting in smaller, less foul-smelling stools.

  • Hydration

    Natural food is made up of between 60% and 70% water. Carnivores hydrate themselves partly with the food they consume. Having evolved as a hunter for millions of years, your pet hydrated itself primarily via its food. It is therefore unnatural for the dog or cat to consume large quantities of dry food. Your pet continually finds itself in a state of chronic dehydration when fed a steady diet of dry food. This state of chronic dehydration can cause multiple health problems. It is therefore vital to feed your pet hydrated food, such as Faim Museau formulas, that are biologically developed for each individual breed.

  • Oral Hygiene and Body Odors

    Domestic pet owners believe that dry food acts as a “tooth brush”. This is a myth! If this was a fact, veterinarians would never conduct teeth scaling procedures on your pet. In reality, dental cleanings represent approximately 50% of veterinary surgical procedures. When we observe dogs eating nuggets, we notice that most of them swallow their food without chewing it! It’s chewing on objects and bones that helps keep your dog’s teeth clean. Faim Museau’s 100% natural recreational bones are THE perfect “tooth brush”. In addition, they also provide cats and dogs with hours of fun and relaxation.

  • A Healthy Immune System

    When developing Faim Museau formulas, we verify the source and quality of each of the ingredients. By choosing meats free from hormones and antibiotics as well as organic certified plants, we can guarantee that Faim Museau medallions are of the highest quality. By feeding your dog Faim Museau, you ensure that your dog’s immune system is healthy and efficient. Your pet will be physically fit thereby helping reduce veterinary costs.

  • Appetite

    If your dog or cat seems to lose its appetite or refuses to eat dry food, Faim Museau is THE solution! You can consult our team of experts for advice on how to introduce our products to your pets. We can guide you through the transition process and your dogs and cats will rediscover the joys of eating well.

  • Loss of Weight

    You could have knitted yourself a tuque with the pet hair collected from your floors? You’ve had enough of picking up pet hair in your house? An appropriate diet such as Faim Museau provides all the nutrients necessary to keep your dog’s fur healthy, shiny and soft and…on your pet. In fact, we notice that after only a few weeks on the natural food based diet, loss of pet hair is reduced significantly.

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